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We specialize in minimizing man-made electromagnetic radiation exposure by providing inspection, testing, measurement, risk assessment, abatement, and remediation of hazardous EMF levels. Our clients can feel better immediately! >>>

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Studies worldwide confirm that exposure to EMFs can cause health problems that most medical doctors are not currently able to diagnose. Learn about the following symptoms and conditions have been correlated to EMF exposure. >>>

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Building Biology is joyful science that leads to natural healthy ecological homes, schools, and workplaces that exist in harmony with the planetary environment. Become better informed about the built environment today. >>>

“We felt poorly after the Smart Meter was installed. My GP and Oncologist gave me a troubling diagnosis and prognosis. Eric helped us remove the Smart Meter and identify and filter our Dirty Electricity: we felt better in a few days. Six months later my Oncologist stated: “I have no explanation for your improved condition. What lifestyle change did you make?”

Robert Kammerer , Wilton, CA, March 2014