Building Biology & EMF


Is your house safe?

Building Biology: a comprehensive and holistic evaluation of man-made living spaces, human health and ecology.

Building Biologists, BBECs, are “House Doctors” that make “House Calls” to assess the health of a building or environment as it affects the occupants. Sick people cannot get well in a sick house: they only get sicker. Healthy people can become sick by living in a sick house. Is your house sick? When was the last time your house had an EMF check up?

Building Biologists, are specially trained and certified to take a holistic approach to health of building occupants due to the building itself and use precision scientific instruments and proven testing protocols to detect and measure a whole range of environmental toxins and problems that are above and beyond what municipal building and home inspectors are trained to identify, required to report on or have corrected.

Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists, EMRSs, are specially trained and certified Building Biologists that have an additional focus on the detection, identification, and minimization of man made electromagnetic radiation in the building environment with special emphasis on sleeping areas, home office, TV room, kitchen and other areas where people spend time.

The International Institute for Bau-Biologie™ and Ecology (IBE), also called Building Biology is working hard, through its’ certified consultants and seminars, to inform concerned people about how building technology affects our health and even our wealth. In 1987 IBE came to the USA from Building Biology SchematicGermany. More information from IBE is available here:

Electro magnetic, EMF and wireless radiation have now become the largest, fastest growing and most hazardous set of building toxins affecting the occupants and they are invisible to the naked eye. Almost every new electronic device adds to the problem because of the way they are engineered with convenience, efficiency and profits taking precedence over safety. Even if your home is free of EMF producing devices your neighbors solar system, dimmer switches, CFL & LED light bulbs, variable speed HVAC & pool pump motors, smart meters and the switch mode power supplies (SMPS) used in all electronic devices can and do pollute your home via dirty electricity on your shared local electric grid wiring that enters your otherwise EMF clean and safe home. How can we safely live with and protect ourselves from modern technology including what your neighbor is operating? Hire a building biologist for an assessment and learn how to enjoy technology in a safer manner. Some EMF solutions we offer are free and enable clients to feel better instantly.

Building Biology got started after World War II because Germany needed to be rebuilt and the building industry moved toward mass-produced components of chemically impregnated materials that could be quickly assembled on site. The goal was low-cost and practical housing but building occupants got sick from the chemicals as they out-gassed from the materials used. Building Biology was started to assess and correct this problem.

Since the Arab Oil Embargo of the 1973-1974, when the price of oil shot from $3 per barrel to $12, extreme methods of building envelope energy conservation were mandated. Air tight homes did not breath well so chemical toxins were kept inside and condensation lead to the growth of toxic mold. Inadequate ventilation and poor handling of water vapor is a major concern of Building Biologists who consider the building envelope to be our “Third Skin” next to human skin and clothing.

In 1978 I was the Director of Technical Services for a chapter of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA) explaining the new California Title 24 energy regulations to HVAC contractors: the regulations were all about tight building envelopes, thicker insulation, fewer windows and smaller furnace and air conditioning systems (with less circulation at first). Building occupants got sick from mold, chemical outgassing-buildup and newly emerging electromagnetic EMF toxins.

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What is your EMF exposure level?

Since the late 1980s the exponential proliferation of wireless Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation has introduced another potent, invisible and ubiquitous EMF toxin into our homes, communities and lives. The highly efficient electricity conservation technology, the SMPS, has caused damage to the health of both the building’s electronics and the occupants. The goal was convenience, reduced cost of service and profits but building occupants, even people and animals outdoors got sick from the wireless radiation. This EMF was never in our environment before 1900 for radio waves and 1884 for electrical distribution. We are in a biological experiment: is that OK with you?

The current need for energy conservation, low-cost construction and wireless convenience devices have created a “Perfect Storm” of invisible environmental toxins that have caused so many non-contagious and degenerative diseases to flourish unabated. Which electronic devices are safe? Medical doctors do not inspect your house, office or sleeping area for these environmental toxins nor are they trained to identify or reduce your exposure to them. How do you protect your self and family? Hire a Building Biologist for an assessment. Some of our EMF solutions are free and you could sleep better tonight. Contact us to schedule an assessment.