Combo Electric/Magnetic/RF Field Meters

Cornet ED88T  $190ed88t

This is a very handy meter that my clients have acquired for general purpose detection and measurement.

The key features are:

  1. Pocket Size
  2. Fairly accurate for RF, mG & electric fields
  3. Very wide band of RF detection
  4. Histogram readout window
  5. LED warning level lights
  6. Sound signature analysis
  7. Durable

Basic Radio Frequency Detector (100 MHz – 8 GHz), Magnetic Field Detector (50 Hz – 10 kHz) and Electric Field Detector(50 Hz – 50 kHz) This meter also provides sound signature analysis and a frequency counter (100 MHz – 2.7 GHz) for Radio Frequency measurements which will help identify sources of Radio Frequency Radiation.

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 NFA1000 by Gigahertz Solutions $1,916NFA1000 cropped tight best

This is an extremely accurate and versatile 3-Axis combination magnetic and electric field meter with built in data logging made in Germany by Gigahertz Solutions especially for Building Biologists.   I use this meter on my EMF assessments because it saves me a lot of time while doing so many things no other meter can do.  Because if has so many features it is not simple to use and you will need training to get the most out of it or be able to use it at all.  To find out more about all the features and capabilities this meter offers watch the excellent tutorial video on the link below or go to my Blog page to see how I use it at client properties and in reports. This meter is unsurpassed in features and accuracy and the full color charts and graphs it can produce helps you understand all about the EMFs you are detecting and measuring.

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