Dirty Electricity Meters & Filters

Everyone should have their house measured for dirty electricity (DE) since it can come into your house from next door on the utility lines even if everything in your house if OFF. Unless you have identified, removed or replaced all of the DE producing devices in your house first, the addition of DE filters can be a needless expense.

We do not recommend use of DE filters until it has been determined that there are no wiring code violations present that create net currents and magnetic fields in the house.  Premature use of DE filters can be hazardous to your health, well being or result in an undesirable outcome at the least.

The solution is to hire us to do an EMF assessment in order to get the big picture of what EMF exposure you have and what is causing it before you buy DE filters.  It is always best to do proper testing and assessment before you buy any shielding, filtration or other type of remediation product. Do it once- Do it right: hire a Building Biologist-Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist for an onsite assessment or phone consultation.

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Video: Stetzer meter & filter in action

Video: Stetzer meters & filter in action

Click to purchase> Stetzer Filter  $29-30 

The Stetzer Meter is the original and standard of the industry for measuring DE as it has been used in many peer reviewed and published reports.  It is easy to use by plugging it in to any electric outlet.  This meter calculates the effect of both the frequency and the amplitude of the voltage transients while other DE meters consider only the amplitude which is less than half of the story.  I use both the standard Stetzer meter, which measures up to 2,000 GS units and X10 Stetzer meter which measures up to 20,000 GS units on every assessment.  I do not recommend any other DE meter.

I have seen houses where the DE coming in from the utility is over 18,000 GS units even though everything in the house was off.  To measure this you need an X10 Stetzer  meter available through special order by contacting usIn most cases the utility did not create  the DE directly but they did promote or subsidize  the purchase of energy saving devices that created the DE and are being used by everyone on your street or in your town.  Protect yourself from other peoples DE.

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Greenwave Filters $25-$28

Greenwave filters are fine but we do not recommend their meter.


Whole House Main Power Panel DE, Spike and Surge Protectors

Depending on what DE level we find at your house and the sources it comes from we may recommend a special filter(s) that mounts directly on your main electric power panel where your electric utility meter is located. These type of filters are best when most of the DE is coming in from the utility or if you have any of the following DE producing devices:

  • Solar electric system
  • Variable speed swimming pool or well pump
  • Energy efficient HVAC system with variable speed motors
  • Electric car or golf cart battery chargers

These specially designed and configured panel mount DE filters are so good at stopping power spikes that damage your appliances and electronics that some of them offer a $25,000 appliance protection warranty along with a written ten year guarantee.  They usually cost between $400 and $1,500 installed by an electrician.  Contact us for more information or a quote on this.