WiFi and Wireless Devices: Microwave Radiation at Home, School & Work

Lots of WiFi info here supplied by my friend and Professor at Sacramento State University.



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If parents and teachers will examine the facts about the effects of microwave radiation, especially WiFi they will see that the “Wireless Industry” has no proof  of biological safety.

Weller Question

EHS Presentation – Steve Weller: Steve Weller B.Sc. Monash Click Image for the presentation

When you log into your computer at home check out how may WiFi networks in your neighborhood you can log into.  Some of those networks are over 100 feet away and you can still use the network. In schools children may be just a few feet away from the main WiFi transmitter and will be surrounded by 30 other children operating WiFi laptops.  Is this a healthy environment for children whose cells are still dividing?  NO: many peer reviewed studies confirm this.

Here is the big question:  “Are you willing to let your child be exposed”?  You will have to decide if you want your child, who’s cells are still dividing and immune system is still developing until age 18, to be bathed in powerful microwave radiation from kindergarten through 12th grade. Right now schools are installing WiFi in every classroom because they have been given taxpayer funding through the Federal “Common Core Curriculum” education program.  Please thoughtfully consider the videos on the links below and protect your child.

We have solutions to WiFi exposure.  You can enjoy computer connections anywhere in your house without needless WiFi radiation. Request an EMF safety assessment to determine what your WiFi radiation exposure is and what you can do today to reduce or eliminate it.  Many clients sleep and feel better right away better as a result: will you be one of them?

“Don’t wait to count the bodies before you tell the public there is a serious potential of harm”.