Dirty Electricity

What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty Electricity or DE for short is technically known as “High Frequency Voltage Transients” or HFVT and some industries call it “Conducted Emissions” or CE. It is always the very sudden, rapid, erratic and violent change in voltage that happens thousands of times per second instead of the normal 60 cycle per second electricity we are used to here in the USA.

Dirty electricity can and does negatively effect cellular biology and is correlated to many non-contagious, degenerative diseases. Please watch a few of these short but factually informative videos if you need a little primer on this.

Dirty Electricity: detect, measure and eliminate it.

A short video that I made in 2012 for the award wining documentary film “Take Back Your Power”.  You can get the Stetzer meter here.

DE is caused by the opening and closing of electrical switches or circuits which causes a spark. It can also be caused by a loose conductor connection that causes continuous micro-arcing.  The sparking causes a burst of radio frequency radiation (RFR) through the air and a conducted emission (CE) onto all attached wiring circuits in your home and even into the next house via the shared local grid. Wiring circuits in your walls surround you like an antenna cage. This means you and your family are being irradiated from all sides if your home has DE.  We have seen sensitive people harmed by DE as far as twenty feet away from the walls that have the wiring in them.

Since allowable conducted emissions (CE) are said to be controlled by so-called “regulatory agencies” why are electronic devices being marketed that produced very high and health damaging levels of DE, HFVT and CE?  Are these regulatory agencies protecting the profits of the device manufacturing corporations or the health of people who use the devices?

In the 1980s an energy-efficient switch mode power supply (SMPS) replaced proven, safe and reliable transformers in most electronic devices because the SMPS is smaller, lighter, less costly and more energy efficient. The SMPS open and closes 20-100 thousands of times per second (20 KHz-100KHz) creating sparks and complex HFVTs wave forms with a frequency of 2 Hz to over 150 kHz (2,000 to 150,000 cycles per Second). Transformers have an efficiency of 20-40% vs. the SMPS at 60-90%. So at great damage to personal health we save a little energy but can we save enough to pay for the unintended health consequences?  Hospitals and medical offices are loaded with DE yet the doctors appear clueless: why is that?

According to David Stetzer the solution is to require all manufactures to include a sufficient “Tune Filter” in each electronic device that has an SMPS to neutralize the exact frequencies that it emits: this would cost only a couple of dollars to add. Until such requirement is passed by law the manufactures will not do this “because a couple of dollars extra” could cause loss of corporate profits.

Please remember that air pollution is much less now than before we required catalytic converters on all autos and trucks.  The sophisticated pollution control systems on modern vehicles actually reduced performance, mileage and increased the vehicle cost but it was worth it to get cleaner air for all of us.  The same must be done for all electronic devices and the standards must be based on human health instead of corporate profits.

Your solution for health is:

1.     Identify sources of DE in your home or office.

2.    Remove sources of DE from your home or office.

3.    Replace sources of DE with cleaner devices.

4.    Relocate these devices and their wiring away from your sleeping and sitting areas: distance is your friend.

5.    Filter your electricity at your main power panel and/or install special filters around your house and office at the DE polluting device. See the top video on the. These Stetzer filters and the Stetzer meter can be purchased here: http://electrahealth.com/a1

6.    Please note that there are some important steps you need to complete before installing any filters if you want to get satisfactory results and be pleased with the result and your investment.

7.    We advise you on all of the above and a lot more with our EMF assessment: schedule one today.


Dirty Electricity: identified, measured and implicated in Cancer Cluster at a middle school in Palm Springs California.

As the number of cases increases the school still denies any possibility of harm from school electricity.  See the recent TV news video.


What are the health effects of Dirty Electricity?

Before you contact us for an EMF Assessment please invest a few moments in the videos below. We are confident that they will be very informative for you. For those of you that like to read check this document: > The health effects of electrical pollution

Health Effects of Electrical Pollution page

Diabetes, Electrosensitivity and Dirty Electricity

Type 3 diabetes is influenced by exposure to EMF.  Burning X number of calories walking outdoors can lower blood sugar while burning the same number of calories in a gym on a treadmill can actually raise blood sugar because of the vast increase in EMF exposure in the gym compared to outdoors.  Video by Dr. Magda Havas.


Multiple Sclerosis & Dirty Electricity

Wouldn’t it be great if medical doctors were trained to identify dirty electricity and made house calls?

“Symptoms for multiple sclerosis (MS) and electro hyper sensitivity (EHS) are similar and may lead to an initial misdiagnosis of this illness. Also, some people with MS may also have EHS”. Video and quote by Dr. Magda Havas


Will Utilities Measure Dirty Electricity For Me?

No. In our conversations and letters to our local utility about dirty electricity it has become obvious that they only provide customer power quality testing with equipment that will measure up to 3060 Hz, the 51st harmonic (3.06 KHz) which is the very bottom end of the biologically active DE frequency range. Although SMUD will loan you a $450 EMDEX magnetic field strength meter but they will not loan you anything to measure DE such as a $100 Stetzer meter.  Is this a coincidence or are the utilities simply oriented to only pay attention to frequencies that can damage electrical equipment?

“Dirty electricity can be easily seen on an oscilloscope and is best measured with a Stetzer microsurge meter and is expressed in GS units or Graham Stetzer units named after Dr. Martin Graham, Professor Emeritus at UC Berkeley and Dave Stetzer, President of Stetzer Electric in Wisconsin. But what is a GS unit”?  Video and quote by Dr. Magda Havas


Dirty Electricity in a doctors office here in Sacramento, California

Our EMF assessment indicated a very hazardous workplace before remediation and much safer with remediation. We also found extremely high magnetic fields in the X-Ray machine room and adjoining hallway when the machine was powered up.  I have spent time with EMF sensitive people here in Sacramento that have to get up and leave the room if the DE level is over 300 GS units and at 700 GS units (1/10 of what we see here) they are running for the door. I have actually seen DE levels over 20,000 GS units in apartments and hair salons here in Sacramento.


Before Assessment. DE, HFVT wave forms seen on an oscilloscope and measured with a X10 Stetzer Meter indicating 7,860 GS units. 50 GS Units are max safe level in some countries. This is an extremely hazardous environment for occupants.

After Assessment and remediation. Same test location as first picture after remediation is installed. The oscilloscope trace is now flat and the X10 Stetzer Meter readings have dropped to 50 GS units: A reduction of 99.4%. This is a safe environment.


HFVT-and-HealthWhat are voltage transients – discussion about power quality.

How to measure and record voltage transients 42 slides

What are health symptoms and why do they happen?

What is the impact on biological well being, technology and its development?


How do I know if I have dirty electricity?

1.  Electronic appliances may be short-lived or burnout simultaneously.

2.  You, family members or pets may have unexplained health symptoms.

3.  You feel better when you leave the dirty electricity environment and worse when you return to it: this is called “Sick Building Syndrome” or “Environmentally Induced Illness”.

4.  We offer testing with precision instruments and remediation as well.

5.  Know for sure: schedule an EMF assessment today.