Smart Meters

So What’s The Problem With Them?


I. What is a Smart Meter?

Since most people didn’t even know they have one on their house please invest 2 minutes in this short video to quickly learn the basics.

The Problem With Smart Meters from Grassroots Environmental Ed on Vimeo.


B. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD., PhD, explains “Smart Meters & EMR-The Health Crisis of Our Time” watch the video here. His average patient has seen 23 other doctors before they got to him. He has interesting charts about the relationship of EMR and childhood decease like autism. He also show the Bio-Markers that go up when adults are exposed to RFR.

2. Fire and safety risks

3. Privacy issues

4. Inflated billing

          (For the best overview of all of the above please watch “Take Back Your Power” or request a DVD for $20 from us).

III. How do Smart Meters Harm Living Things? Two Main ways.

1. Microwave Radiation

A. 13,381 burst transmissions of radiation per day or about once every 6.5 seconds on average. Source: Sacramento Municipal Utility District 7/2012. See table at bottom of this page link:  13,381 burst transmissions. SMUD originally published that “Smart meters transmit radio signals only once every four hours” until September of 2012 when SMUD finally admitted what was already known.

B. The Peak Power of these burst transmissions are up to 240X more powerful than a cell phone: See this official SMUD field test of 10/2012: Click Image below for enlargement.

2. Dirty Electricity:

Dirty Electricity or DE for short is technically know as “High Frequency Voltage Transients” or HFVT.  It is the very sudden, rapid, erratic and violent change in voltage that happens thousands of times per second instead of the normal 60 cycle electricity we are used to here in the USA.

DE is caused by the opening and closing of electrical switches which causes a spark. The spark causes a burst of radio frequency radiation (RFR) through the air and a conducted emission onto all attached wiring circuits. Wiring circuits are in all your walls and they surround you like an antenna cage. This means you are being irradiated from all sides if your home has DE.  read more.


Dirty Electricity in doctors office before remediation.

Dirty Electricity in doctors office before remediation.

After remediation.

After remediation.