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Health Advocate Has Convincing Video on Radiation Dangers
By Jack O’Dwyer

Eric Windheim, who specializes in documenting and reducing the harmful effects of many forms of electromagnetic radiation on people, gave a 27-minute interview Sept. 16 to Joseph Ernest Martin of Paranormal Insights.

Windheim, based in Sacramento, Calif., and founder of Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness, says that a variety of illnesses started to spring up after Thomas Edison touched off widespread use of products using electricity in 1885.

Life expectancy in U.S. cities, he says in the video, went down eight years but remained stable on farms and rural areas. But the death rates mirrored those of the cities after electricity came to those areas after World War II, he said.

Windheim notes that incidence of cancer and many other diseases is lower in Amish communities which avoid use of electrical-powered products. An Ohio University study found that overall cancer rates of Amish in an Ohio community were 60% of the age-adjusted rate for Ohio and 56% of the national rate.

“Eighty percent of brain tumors are on the side of the head where people hold their cellphones,” is another comment on the tape.

Sperm motility decreases 40% in males after four hours of exposure to cellphone radiation, he said, referencing a study cited by the National Institutes of Health. “The lucky people,” he told Martin, are those who realize their symptoms are from electromagnetic radiation and learn to avoid it before too much damage is done.,

Types of Radiation Described
Windheim describes the different types of radiation and notes that microwave ovens and Wi-Fi both deliver microwave radiation pulsing at 4.2 billion times per second which affects bodily tissues. “Dirty electricity,” which is also dangerous, is the interruption of the normal 60-cycle alternating electrical current.

Dr. Samuel Milham has authored Dirty Electricity and the Diseases of Civilization.

“Author Joseph Ernest Martin talks with Eric Windheim from EMF Solutions about the dangers of Electro Magnetic Frequency Radiation and it’s dangers. From smart meters to cell phones, you want to know what this new kind of energy does to your health and the environment.”

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