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Sacramento’s Health & Fitness Magazine cover story for August 2016 is an article on Windheim EMF Solutions – we’re so honored!

Eric Windheim, the owner of Windheim EMF Solutions discusses one of the most important unknown influences on your health – electromagnetic radiation or EMR. Equip yourself with knowledge on this topic from our expert Eric Windheim, a certified building biologist and radiation specialist. High EMF is a definite risk to your health but Eric provides solutions.

“Living Inside An Electrical Cage Without Knowing It”
By Dr. Donna, Editor of Health Fitness.us

“Everywhere I go, people are suffering and they don’t know why. They put their faith in their medical doctor who only sends them home with a new pill and no answers. Once they get home, they feel worse…It’s at epidemic proportions,” Eric Windheim told us. He’s a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS).

This statement confirms what many health care practitioners are seeing in their practice as well. Chiropractors report their patients don’t hold their adjustments as long any more. Massage therapists see clients with greater amounts of pain and more trigger points. Psychologists see more patients with depression and anxiety and nothing seems to help.

Take a look at the list of complaints that often have no real medical causes that are traceable and very few solutions:

• headaches • fatigue • insomnia • ringing in the ears • memory problems • anxiety • weakness • eye pain/pressure

• heart palpitations • dizziness • stress • disorientation • moodiness • pain • hair loss • infertility

Get Your Cage Back to Normal
The big question is what’s your EMF exposure level inside your Cage of home, work and car? What EMF toxin is highest in your cage.emfCage? Which ones can you change today to give yourself a safe haven so your body can adequately rest, repair and recuperate at night?

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