Magnetic & Electric Field Meters


Trifield 100XE Meter $129                              TrifieldMeterXE

An adequate “indicator” 3-Axis magnetic field meter to start with: simple controls and easy to read and understand analog needle display. Since it measures in the higher frequencies of dirty electricity it usually reads higher than more accurate meters.  This was my first AC magnetic field meter and I helped a lot of clients with it.  The radio frequency and electric field functions on this meter are not useful.  I found it hard to hold because it is very thick like a brick and I dropped it frequently. The battery drains easily if you forget to turn it off because it has no “Auto Off” function.  It is an amateur level meter but it can indicate that you have a problem and need professional help to correct it.  It errors on the high side and is not accurate but it is a good alarm.

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Tenmars TM-192D $199100_1704.JPG

A fairly accurate 3-Axis magnetic field meter that is easy to hold and very easy to read.  It displays readings for each of the three Axis, It even has data logging capacity. It was my second magnetic field meter and was a big step up in accuracy from the Trifield 100XE and much more useful overall.  The Tenmars is much easier for me to hold due to it’s slim profile.  This is a great meter for the money and is accurate except at the very low mG levels which are in the Building Biology No or Slight concern levels of <.2 mG or <1.0 mG.  The big display makes it great for showing to others. This is good beginner level meter.

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AlphaLab UHS $299AlphaLabs UHS

This accurate 3-Axis magnetic field meter is at the bottom end of what professionals would use.  You can also use it as a very accurate single Axis meter. It has two frequency bands so you can measure power line frequencies or the higher dirty electric frequencies.  Click the link below to see a very informative video on the meter.

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Emdex Snap $456  

Emdex Snap 3

This is a professional level 3-Axis magnetic field meter that is used by many electric utilities since it is very accurate and durable.  It is very small, easy to hold and has a very long battery life. The display window is very small. I find it very easy to use but it has limited features so I decided not to acquire one.

Tip: If you live in Sacramento call Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) for a free loan of this magnetic field meter at 916-732-6009

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 NFA1000 by Gigahertz Solutions $1,916* NFA1000 cropped tight best

This is an extremely accurate and versatile 3-Axis combination magnetic and electric field meter with built in data logging made in Germany by Gigahertz Solutions especially for Building Biologists.   I use this meter on my EMF assessments because it saves me a lot of time while doing so many things no other meter can do.  Because if has so many features it is not simple to use and you will need training to get the most out of it or be able to use it at all.  To find out more about all the features and capabilities this meter offers watch the excellent tutorial video on the link below or go to my Blog page to see how I use it at client properties and in reports. This meter is unsurpassed in features and accuracy and the full color charts and graphs it can produce helps you understand all about the EMFs you are detecting and measuring.

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