My EMF Story

Why I Decided to Become a Building Biologist & Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist?

Devah Cancer

Mother with recurrent cancer in 2009

I decided to become a certified Building Biology Ecology Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) for many compelling reasons that all pointed in the same direction.

Early Motivation
In 2008 I was involved in electrical power quality and how it affected the longevity of computers and other electrical equipment. That lead to my realization that the human body is a living biological masterpiece of 70 trillion cells with its subtle electrochemical communication and management system, and it too was drastically affected by electric and magnetic fields (EMFs). The body’s cells can’t hear their own distinct but very low power electric signals when they are overpowered by man made EMF, and furthermore, the body has no defense mechanism against EMF pollution. Unlike biological pathogens, genetic mutations, or chemical toxins, for which the human body has defense, repair systems, and filtration, it has no defense against EMF and is overwhelmed, damaged beyond repair, or destroyed. EMF toxins can kill you or shorten your life at the least. It is only a matter of time and exposure level to see what type of damage will manifest itself along the way and who it will injure first. Keep this in mind: man made EMF has only been on this planet for about a hundred years and even though we are spending many millions of dollars to search the universe for signs of EMF made by intelligent beings the only place we find it is on Earth.

Architect’s dream home becomes an EMF death trap

Architect’s dream home become an EMF death trap

My father was a senior vice president of a top ten architectural engineering firm and he designed and built his second dream home in 1965 that he and my mother lived in until sickness and death drove them out. When my mother, who never smoked or drank, died of recurrent cancer in 2010, and my father suddenly suffered greatly as well, I assessed their house for EMF toxicity. The level of dirty electricity was 196 times over the danger limit and the magnetic fields were 2.4 times above the Extreme Concern level. If I had only known in advance, this could have been avoided. My father made an instant but partial recovery once we got him out of the house.

Easy-to-avoid wire and receptacle specifications, wiring errors, energy saving (Green) CFL light bulbs and appliances caused the EMF toxins, creating a very toxic living space. Now Building Biologists can use proven protocols and precision instruments to identify these hazards, and offer clients proven solutions, some of which cost little money, no money or actually save money for the client. Your EMF exposure levels can be reduced on our first visit to your home.

Becoming a Professional Building Biologist, BBEC & Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, EMRS

I founded Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness in 2012: we assisted dozens of people who swore under penalty of perjury and served written notice at board meetings of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) that smart meters were damaging their health due to the powerful microwave transmissions (13,381/day and 240X more powerful than a cell phone). We prevailed against SMUD by exposing their many false publications at public and televised SMUD board meetings. We won the right to have the safe and reliable analog meter back on our homes.

Smarty Pants

Smart meter victims motivated me to become a certified professional

This is when I saw that EMFs were the newest, fastest proliferating and most dangerous environmental toxin in our modern world. I also realized that our own utility, SMUD, and elected SMUD Board Directors were not aware of or did not care about the health effects of the EMF they were delivering and subjecting people to. SMUD is not unique as most utilities in the developed world are deploying (a military term) these so-called smart meters in an organized, synchronized manner and falsely claiming they are safe. None of these utilities have any peer-reviewed studies that prove that smart meters are biologically safe for real people in real homes.

After talking and visiting with world-famous authorities such as David Stetzer, Dr. David O. Carpenter and Sam Milham on the health effects of EMF, it became clear to me that I needed to become professional, knowledgeable and proficient at the detection, measurement and remediation of EMF pollution. People need to be made aware of and get protection from this clear and present EMF danger before more cumulative and non-reversible damage occurs.

The only effective actions you can take today are prudent avoidance, proper precaution and taking responsibility for self-preservation. If you are waiting for the government to protect you by mandating safe technology, realize that one of the largest sources of “soft money” for politicians comes from the electric utility and wireless industry. Corporations are making billions in sales and government is getting tax on those sales of hazardous wireless and poorly designed energy efficient devices. Please notice our President’s appointment of ex telecom lobbyist Tom Wheeler to head up the FCC. Industry has captured our government. Your health is in your hands so take control while you can.

Obtaining Building Biology and Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagentic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) certification has provided me the best comprehensive and holistic approach to this new and little known field where the facts have been suppressed, ignored, concealed and it is bringing all of my past skills and experiences together in a very useful package. The IBE staff, instructors, fellow students and certified BBECs all have a great zeal for helping people and I have made many great friends amongst them from all over the U.S. and Canada. I am very pleased to be associated with these professionals because of their knowledge, purpose, effectiveness and zeal. Read more about Building Biology here:

I am very happy for the EMF injured people I have helped “protect or get their life back” and look forward to helping countless others in the future. Will you be one of them? “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. It is easier to attract wellness than fight disease.

I received my certification as an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, EMRS and Building Biology Ecology Consultant, BBEC in 2015.