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Sacramento region and a radius of 100 miles or two-hour drive. Travel and service to distant locations is available.





TelephoneFree Initial Phone Consultation & Survey:

Please use our Contact Form or call to voice your concerns. We can then gather basic information such as the age, location, type of building, and what type of technologies you are using or are exposed to. About 75% of our clients are already EMF symptomatic and are seeking relief, while about 25% are diligently precautionary. Which group are you in? This is a confidential call.


EMF Inspection, Testing, Analysis, Assessments and Remediation Solutions are provided for:

  1. Residential dwellings (3-4 hours)
  2. Single story office suites & buildings
  3. Real estate pre-purchase, pre-lease or pre-rental (1-3 hours)
  4. Post remodeling & post remediation (1-2 hours)






SLT International Exposure Limits

All paid EMF risk assessments include:

  1. Suggested solutions to reduce your exposure levels
  2. Written summary of measurements, findings & building biology precautionary guidelines and risk levels
  3. 30 minutes of free phone or email follow-up to assist you
  4. Detailed written reports with tables, charts and graphs of your data is available on request for an additional fee
  5. EMF-Exposure-Guidelines-For-Sleeping-Areas



NFA1000 cropped tight bestWe detect and measure these EMFs: we can reduce or eliminate them too

  1. AC Magnetic Fields – Power lines, substations, appliances, wiring errors etc.
  2. AC Electric Fields – Home wiring, appliances, electronics etc.
  3. Body Voltage – AC Electric field charge on the human body
  4. Radio Frequency & Microwave Radiation – baby monitors, security systems, cell towers, radar, smart meters, WiFi, Bluetooth, printers, computers, and cordless phones
  5. DC Magnetic Fields – Mattresses, building materials etc.
  6. Dirty Electricity – Energy efficient devices, lighting, pool & HVAC variable speed motors, solar inverters, battery chargers etc.
  7. Stray Currents on TV cables, gas and water pipes due to wiring errors and code violations

RF Data Log MilasSpecialty Services:

  1. Creation of low EMF “Sleep Sanctuaries” that our clients rave about
  2. Strategic Filtration of Dirty Electricity (DE), AKA High Frequency Voltage Transients (HFVT)
  3. Field Shielding of Radio Frequency & Microwave Radiation, Electric Fields and Dirty Electricity
  4. Detection and correction of wiring code violations that cause hazardous magnetic fields
  5. Whole house electric spike, surge and DE suppression
  6. Data Logging of Radio Frequency (RF), Microwave Radiation and Magnetic Field strength (mG)
  7. Product Testing, Development and purchasing assistance for shielding products
  8. 100_1977 Remote Cut Off Switch for bedroom circuits to make the room electrically silent
  9. Stopping Current on and eliminating magnetic fields from water service supply pipes
  10. Correcting wiring code violations






Clients Proclaim ReliefEMF Solutions:

  1. Our EMF Solutions enable many clients to feel better instantly and sleep better that night
  2. Some EMF Solutions can be put in place during the assessment at little or no cost
  3. Other EMF Solutions require a second visit with the company of a certified electrician or plumber to fix code violations



?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The Gigahertz Solutions equipment we use for detection and measurement are specially designed for building biologists. It is state of the art, the most sensitive available, certified and calibrated.

When electrical or plumbing repair is required we can direct you to experienced and licensed contractors that are EMF aware.





  1. $150 for the first hour, or portion, on site and $100 per hour pro-rated thereafter
  2. $100 per hour for detailed report writing, product research, or communication by phone or email with other professionals, utilities, municipalities, etc.
  3. A mileage fee of $1 per mile beyond 25 miles from our office in the 95831 zip code

TelephoneCall now to voice your concerns and hear what EMF Solutions are right for you: 916-395-7336

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Though we hope any included recommendations will lead to a healthier life, no statement or information provided by the assessment, reports, web site, or phone consultations are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease or any other medical condition. The reader, viewer or listener is advised to discuss the information provided with an authorized healthcare practitioner. Eric Windheim and Windheim EMF Solutions shall not be liable for any health effects arising due to recommendations made by the assessment, reports, web site, or related phone consultations.

The measurements requiring physical connection to building wiring are conducted according to the best electrical practices. Eric Windheim and Windheim EMF Solutions are not responsible for any physical damage to electrical outlets or house power distribution system arising from loose, defective, or brittle receptacles or improper wiring. The results relate only to the items tested.

The discussions and measurements in assessment reports or consultation are based only on single (one time) results and may not be repeatable if conditions in the home change, or if the results are collected during a different period of time.