Windheim EMF Solutions is honored to be interviewed by Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) – a pioneer of the alternative media, founded by John Stadtmiller in 2004.  The guest host for this radio show is Steve Elkins.
Eric Windheim is Certified Building Biology Ecology Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS). Eric is a “house doctor” who examines, evaluates, and reduces EMF exposures in buildings to create safe havens in a toxic, electromagnetic world. You can’t stay well or get well in a sick house. Listen to this two-part radio interview with RBN, and learn about:

  • four types of electromagnetic sources that impact our environment and health
  • how solar solar inverters can make you sick
  • are you emf sensitive? what are the symptoms?
  • how EMFs can impact our sleep
  • smart meter hazards and how these meters are also surveillance devices without our permission
  • smart meter shielding options
  • what happens during an EMF assessment

Several callers will call into the radio show and ask questions about the impact of smart meters, EMFs that impacted their hypothyroid health, and a caller battling with local utility companies over EMFs and smart meters.

Listen to PART ONE Interview, click here.

Listen to PART TWO Interview, click here.


eric.windheim.emf.photoAbout Eric
Eric Windheim, the founder of Windheim EMF Solutions is a certified Building Biology Ecology Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS). Eric provides assessments that will detect, measure and reduce sources of EMF radiation in your home, office, or business in the Sacramento and surrounding areas.


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