Dr. Gail Derin,L.Ac, Sacramento, CA, December 2017

One of my clients referred me to Eric. I am so grateful to him for restoring the quality of my life. 
I was getting headaches and had constant pressure in my head when at home. I thought my house was EMF safe as Eric had been to my home a few years before to assess my home for electromagnetic and radiation exposure. I requested that he also check out the radiation output of the Smart Meters that I had.
I thought I had made the necessary adjustments to the recommendations he had made. However, when Eric came to my house, with his expertise and precision instruments, he verified that my new Comcast Modem and new Samsung Smart TV were transmitting WiFi and Bluetooth microwave radiation 24 hours per day, even when they were not in use. I was quite surprised as I had hardwire cable connections to these devices and thought they were not transmitting any microwave radiation. 

Ben & Anne, Placer County, August 2015
It is such a comfort to know we have a vastly safer home now, thanks you Eric! We appreciate so much not only your expertise to identify and solve the toxic areas of our environment, but also your sincerity in wanting to help us protect our home and our health.

We are especially grateful to have safe sleep and play areas for our three young sons. You have set us on a course toward wellness, and given us knowledge to help spread the word to others, all with the utmost professionalism. We have had a bumpy road toward having the wiring code violations repaired, due to the fact that we are renting our home. But you didn’t give up on us and checked in as often as we needed until the problems were fixed.

So thank you, Eric, for handling our case with such integrity. The problem of harmful EMF in homes is not going away, and the public is fortunate to have people like you to “wake the sleeping giant” of harmful EMF and fight this largely unknown and invisible battle.

Karis Cromartie, Sacramento CA., March, 2016
The pain is gone! I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and a retired physics teacher (Jessica) referred me to Eric in 2015 to check for hazardous EMF exposure. I didn’t expect Eric would find any problems but he certainly did find a big one that is a fire, shock and health hazard. What an eye-opener! Apparently my kitchen was intentionally wired to share the neutral wires of two separate circuits: this is an electric code violation. Grrr! This created a 23.00 mG magnetic field on my master bed that is more than 4X the Building Biology “Extreme Concern” level: it ran the length of the house and polluted far more than my master bedroom. I then realized that every time I slept on my master bed I had pain on a level of 6 out of 10 and the pain stopped when I got out of bed. I thought this was just a symptom of my MS. I started sleeping in a different bedroom and my pain went down to a level of 2 and I realized what Eric had advised me of: the magnetic field was causing a painful and hazardous biological problem.

I hired Eric again and with his EMF electrician they fixed the code violation in less than 2 hours: I feared that it might take much longer. Magnetic field measurements were reduced from 23.00 mG down to .19 mG which is in the “No Concern” level. What a relief! Great news! My pain level is now Zero and I am back to sleeping in my master bedroom! I also notice that my “restless leg” I had at night has stopped. I am so excited about this and my husband, who never felt any related pain, is very happy for both of us.

Lori Milas, Sacramento, CA, November 2015
I‘ve been struggling with health issues for several years and trying to get to the bottom of them. I noticed when my kids and I would go tent camping for a night or two, I felt better in the morning! I started to wonder, is it the trees, water, fresh air or just the absence of sleeping in my house? I also noticed that every time I walked into my house, especially into my kitchen, I felt depressed and I couldn’t figure it out. I had a terrible bout of insomnia that lasted months. Out of desperation, while I was just ‘trying things’, I turned off the circuit breakers to my bedroom for the night. This became the first night that I slept a solid nine hours without waking: I now realize the disturbance electric fields can have on my sleep.

I decided to just go all in and find a professional who could come to my house and check it out top to bottom. I had read about a group called Bau-Biologie (Building Biologists) who train and certify environmental inspectors, hold workshops and conferences on all environmental issues for a home or business. Eric Windheim was listed as Building Biology Environmental Consultant located in Sacramento, CA. Eric is the founder of Windheim EMF Solutions.

Eric came to my house with all of his EMF testing equipment he was looking specifically for three kinds of toxic electromagnetic energy:

Dirty Electricity (DE)
Dirty electricity is a radio frequency (RF) radiation coming off of all energized household wiring in the walls. This is some kind Electric Insomnia DEof backwash from solar systems and pool pumps in neighboring homes and the dimmer switches, CFL and most LED light bulbs in my home and next-door.

Magnetic Fields
The magnetic fields were caused by wiring code violations and unbalanced current on a circuit.

Microwave Radiation
The wireless radiation is transmitted by communication devices like WiFi, cordless & cell phones, cell towers and utility smart meters.

The electric fields on my bed were already reduced dramatically by my decision to turn off related breakers and Eric verified this. I actually keep these breakers off most of the time now even though Eric’s EMF electrician could install a remote control switch. Eric tested every room, every socket, and all windows and walls and doors for about five hours.

He took copious notes and then wrote me a great report with images, graphs and tables I can understand. I had dirty electricity virtually everywhere downstairs, which was remedied by replacing dirty electricity producing CFL light bulbs with cleaner and safer ones. Eric and his EMF electrician corrected the wiring error and installed a special whole house electric filter at my circuit box, and by further placing some kind of device at several electric sockets. Eric worked at it until the levels of dirty electricity were down to virtually zero.

Regarding magnetic fields, there was a wiring code violation in the kitchen wall. When my house was built they joined two circuits together that shouldn’t have been, and these were emitting very powerful magnetic fields in my kitchen. This was the thing I believe I was feeling most of all.

When it was fixed I felt instantly better! I never felt well in this room until Eric fixed this.

Kitchen magnetic field heat map: sink and counter are along top of the image, side counter along the right of the image.

Before Fix: Extreme Concern After Fix: No Concern

Kitchen Coutner After

The Code Violation: two separate circuits were connected.

WCV Milas
Microwave radiation (RF)
During Eric’s initial visit there were pulses of microwave radiation up to 20,000µW/M^ with 10 being a Severe Concern for sleeping areas. As Eric searched for the source, it became clear that all we had to do was look out my bedroom window, a Yellow RF hazard symbolsecond story room, facing a number of beaming cell phone towers, with no trees or buildings obstructing the flow. How did I never notice these before? But during ordinary waking and sleeping time, those signals were much weaker, from 40-200 Eric thought them high enough to take drastic measures so he recorded the intensity of the microwave radiation overnight with his data logging equipment an it displayed that there are several periods of extreme increases in microwave radiation intensity. I just did not know whether I wanted to take extreme measures to block this radiation. Some of the fixes are to replace screens with aluminum (I did do that), hang a repellent silver canopy over the bed, and more. I did something in the middle. But I did learn (and saw for myself) the level of microwave radiation coming off my iPhone, WiFi and some strategies for limiting this radiation if you choose to keep the phone. (I did).

I understand that there are some people who are so sensitive to EMF exposure that they have to take extreme measures by avoiding places with WiFi, cell towers, smart meters etc. I still don’t know if I am one of those people… or if I have just become sensitive in part because of other health issues. In my own home I did decide to disconnect my WiFi and replaced it with the old cable plug-in, I had PG&E replace my smart meter with the analog meter, and am giving thought to what else I might do.

I can report is that my home, especially my kitchen, just feels better now. I do not get the antsy, nervous, feeling that I used to always feel in my home. My goal is to have the same feeling inside my home that I got when I would go camping. I’d say we’re almost there. I feel there has been a big and beneficial improvement in my home and I feel safe here now. I don’t have that nagging, persistent feeling that “something is wrong” when I walk in my house. I’m very grateful for that. Anyone who wants to contact me to ask about this process or how it has affected me is welcome to, anytime. I am very glad I did this, as a part of my own healing journey.