Client Testimonials

I spoke with Eric Windheim over the phone for a consultation. Eric is a tremendous resource for the EHS community and anyone concerned about the detrimental effects of electromagnetic radiation. His expertise on EMF mitigation is impressive. It is clear that Eric is rigorously trained and has extensively studied the issues, which are important to me as a scientist. To boot, Eric is able to creatively troubleshoot problems and find solutions. He is generous and cares deeply about societal improvements. I greatly value the resources and knowledge Eric imparts to his clients and others who will listen.
Anonymous, Doctoral Student, UC Berkeley, February 2018

Eric is a great educator. He kept me informed step by step of everything he was doing and why. I highly recommend Eric Windheim and his EMF abatement service. Don’t wait until you get a headache or even worse symptoms. EMFs are becoming more widely recognized as a silent killer. Check out what the symptoms to EMF exposure are and schedule an EMF assessment today.

Dr. Gail Derin, L.Ac, O.M.D. Doctor of Oriental Medicine Sacramento, CA December, 2017

Since your assessment and suggestion to avoid WiFi radiation by using Ethernet computer connections I am sleeping very well, the insomnia has not returned, and I rarely wake up before 6 am. I don’t need an alarm clock any more as I awake refreshed and ready for the day.  I have noticed other sublities in the behavior of the children, my husband and me as well.  Fewer outbursts and tantrum, more giggles, less anger, and more patience and calmness,  We also appreciate the you located and fixed 5 wiring code violations that were creating hazardous magnetic fields around our house.
Kathleen Caringi, Shingle Springs, CA June 2017

Before Eric came over and took some readings on my house, I had been suffering from disrupted sleep, tossing and turning, waking up in the middle of the night, and feeling tired and beaten in the morning.  I tried everything from herbs to warm milk.  At some point, I just learned to live with it.  We found out that the bedrooms I was trying to sleep in showed high levels of microwave radiation, most likely from a nearby cell phone tower.  We found a room in the house that showed lower readings, shielded it, and now I sleep much more relaxed, no tossing and turning, and upon waking, I feel rested.  For the first time since I can remember, I can actually breath deeply when I’m about to go to sleep.  Naps are a joy.  That wasn’t all though.

Eric told me to ditch the wireless mouse and keyboard I had been using, and when I did, I discovered another mysterious ailment dissipating: weakness and pain in my right elbow.  I actually have use of it now.  What amazes me is the calm and comfort I’ve been able to recover that was missing for who knows how long.  I feel empowered now because I can remedy exposures to microwave radiation, which seem to be my biggest issue, as well as dirty electricity and electromagnetic fields.  Without this knowledge, I’d still be suffering.

Sheila Reavill, Acampo CA July 2016

“Eric, I’m happy to report that my son’s problems have gone away since I implemented many of your recommendations. We moved the WiFi routers to a closet away from his bed. We turned one WiFi router OFF and put the other in a Faraday Cage to limit the RF radiation exposure. I put another Faraday cage on the PG&E smart meter on the outside wall of that bedroom and found a lot of the wiring issues causing the high magnetic field levels. Thanks again Eric for your help in getting to the root of my sons troubles.”

Brian S., Vallejo, CA - October 2015

“Eric, thank you for instructing me about how to create a low EMF “Sleep Sanctuary” for my home. I sleep like a baby now!”

Deborah Wiseman, Lewisville, TX, June 2016

Dear Eric,  I wanted to let you know that our family is doing very, very well.  For many months my husband went outside to turn the circuit breakers for the bedrooms on and off at morning and night. Eventually we had the remotes installed.  There are no longer dark areas under eyes…there is more of a sense of calm in the house.  I firmly believe our bodies are better able to heal and rejevenate during our sleep time in ways that were simply not possible in the past.  We have had no colds or flus. The family is able to wake earlier in the mornings.
Amy, Fair Oaks CA, October 2016

“I am very pleased with Eric Windheim’s professional work. He answered all my questions and went to great lengths (purchasing a bassinet etc.) so that the report for my Microwave Radiation Canopy for infants was clear, concise and easily understood. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Dr. Serene Lim, Perth, Australia, May 2015

“We felt poorly after the Smart Meter was installed. My GP and Oncologist gave me a troubling diagnosis and prognosis. Eric helped us remove the Smart Meter and identify and filter our Dirty Electricity: we felt better in a few days. Six months later my Oncologist stated: I have no explanation for your improved condition. What lifestyle change did you make?”

Robert Kammerer , Wilton, CA, March 2014

“Eric was very professional, and extremely knowledgeable about Smart Meters, and EMFs. He conducted a very detailed home assessment and educated me on how to reduce radiation in my home using the replace, reduce, and reposition method. I feel so much better knowing that the electronic pollution levels have been reduced to a safer level. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Marie H, Sacramento, CA, July 2014

“With the smart meter on the house Jack was stumbling: he could not remember things, had pressure in his head and felt like he had multiple strokes. After removing the smart meter Jack’s symptoms subsided: he could remember things, walk straight and his head felt normal. Next Eric identified, measured and filtered our dirty electricity: immediately we all felt and behaved much better (pets included) and we noticed a peace and calmness right away. Best of all Jack’s blood pressure went down and he was able to stop his tranquilizers”.

Jack & Ginny Linn, Sacramento, CA, March 2014

“I was overwhelmed and frightened when I discovered that I had several sources of electronic pollution making my home unsafe. Fortunately, I found help. Eric Windheim did a home EMF assessment for me and helped me find a strategy to greatly reduce the problem to levels that are much safer.”

Charlsey Cartwright, Sacramento, CA, Jan 2014