What We Do
Windheim EMF Solutions specializes in minimizing man-made electromagnetic radiation exposure by providing inspection, testing, measurement, risk assessment, abatement, and remediation of hazardous EMF levels. Our clients can feel better immediately.

Studies worldwide confirm that exposure to EMFs can cause health problems that most medical doctors are not currently able to diagnose. The following symptoms and conditions have been correlated to EMF exposure:

EMF.HeadacheTop 5 Common Symptoms
Brain fog
Ringing in the ears


Other Symptoms
Agitation/Anxiety/Atrial Fibrillation/ Allergies/Asthma/Autism/ADD/ADHD/ Bed-wetting/Behavior and attention issues/ Blood pressure spikes/Concentration and organizational issues/Dizziness and balance problems/Endurance issues/Eye problems/ Inflammation/Irritability/Joint and muscle pain/Learning Disability/Leukemia/Loss of libido/Menopause issues/Menstruation issues/Muscle cramps/Nose bleeds/ Numbness/Tachycardia/Tumors and Cancer/Vertigo/Weight changes

What are EMFs?
Electric and magnetic fields together are referred to as electromagnetic fields, electro- magnetic radiation, or EMF for short. Our exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields started about 130 years ago and levels are a billion times higher today. The primary EMFs we’re exposed to are:
– Stray electric current and voltage
– Dirty electricity
– Magnetic and electrical fields
– Radio frequency and microwave radiation


What Causes EMFs?
Modern electronic devices increase our exposure levels drastically. These devices include:
– Cell or cordless phones, cell towers, cell antennas, gaming controllers, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
– Energy efficient lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems & and pool pump motors
– Solar electric systems and electric car chargers
– Electric wiring, power lines, and smart meters
– Computers, laptops, and tablets
– Baby Monitors, wearable wireless devices

The Assessment
The goal of our assessment and remediation process at your home or office is to minimize man-made electromagnetic radiation to biologically precautionary levels. We are not satisfied until we make your home a safe haven in this toxic, electromagnetic world.

Initial Phone Discussion
You will receive fifteen minutes of free phone time to discuss your concerns, while reviewing your assessment process with Eric.

Onsite Assessment
Precision instruments measure the following EMF levels:
– Body voltage
– Stray electric current and voltage
– Dirty electricity
– Magnetic and electrical fields
– Microwave radiation

Reporting of Risk Levels and Solutions
After your assessment is completed, Eric provides you with a risk assessment chart and written solutions to reduce your exposure to EMFs. Some solutions are free and can be done the same day. Detailed reports, along with electrical and plumbing repairs, are available.

We Deliver Results
Client after client have declared that once we identified the source of offending EMF exposure and reduced or eliminated it they feel much better or symptoms are gone entirely. Please see our Testimonials and Success Stories pages.

eric.windheim.emf.photoAbout Eric
Eric Windheim, the founder of Windheim EMF Solutions is a certified Building Biology Ecology Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS). Eric provides assessments that will detect, measure and reduce sources of EMF radiation in your home, office, or business in the Sacramento and surrounding areas.


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